Netbooks And Laptops The 5 Ws?

Tue 06 December 2016

It is indeed important to know the best computer to buy. Because it is costly, the buyer should know every detail of the computer, its strengths and weaknesses. The price its worth and the brand are also important. The type of computer that you need to buy will primarily depend on the usage of the person. It will be useless if you buy a high quality and full of feature type of computer and you do not even know how to use it. It would be very impractical to buy things that you will not be using. Netbook vs. laptop comparison, what are the important points to consider?

  Netbook vs. laptop comparison

, the first and the most important that you need to consider is the cost. No matter how good and updated the computer is if you do not have enough funds to buy for it, you will not still be able to purchase it. Laptops are quite expensive because it has a lot of features to offer compared to an affordable price of netbooks. If the cost really matters to you as a buyer then you can switch to the best laptop stand for desks, instead of buying laptop you can choose netbook. Although netbook has smaller and lesser features, at least it is within the range of your budget. The next

netbook vs. laptop comparison

is the processor. The processor is responsible for the whole processing unit of the computer. The higher the number of the processor, the faster the speed it provides. It is one of the most expensive parts of the computer.  Laptops have better processor compared to netbooks because primarily it is more expensive than the netbook.  Netbook is not advisable to use if you are going watch movies or even play games. One of the very important factors in netbook vs. laptop comparison is the keyboard. Laptop is larger so the keyboard size is larger too, it promotes comfortable and less mistakes during typing compared to netbooks who has a small space for each letter and numbers.

With regards to the screen size laptop provides improved resolution compared to netbooks. Another main factor in netbook vs. laptop comparison is the hard drive.  The netbooks have better hard drive because of its size, the hard drive that are used are SSD drive that is often faster when it comes to accessing the data on the computer. The laptop uses 5400-RPM hard disk; it actually depends on the laptop you choose. This 5400 RPM hard disk are often slow especially when opening programs and accessing the drive. The laptop uses any kind of OS the buyer wishes to because of this you can run any latest version of windows. The low cost of netbooks makes it incompatible to the latest version of windows so most probably the OS used in netbooks are in older version.

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